Thread subject: ODSClan :: Your input on: GD_orange_elevator_test

Posted by GameDrained on 04-01-2020 03:38

So Testing this map.
If you have any ideas, or have seen an error that needs fixing I would be glad for your input.

So far these changes will be worked on:
coloured lights not reseting upon win and restart.
add axis texture to area below elevator.
add spawn warnings.
How about a name change since there is an gd_orange_elevator and gd_orange elevator_b1
maybe gd_not_another_orange_elevator.
{too long?}

Posted by GameDrained on 10-01-2020 14:59

Widening spawn for easier passing.
Considering a new secret to bypass lava.

Would like to add player names to areas of the map.
So submit yours or someone else's.
e.g. Red Dog's ambush, Crunch's Corner, Poot's Pit, Bobbies Flag 4.

Posted by Crunch on 10-01-2020 16:03

I like the escalator name

Posted by Sgt Rock on 10-01-2020 17:12

I do tookay

Posted by dio525i on 13-01-2020 18:38

I'll try to play this map this week with the bots to check it out! eyebrows- sounds good just from the list of things you've fixed!

Posted by GameDrained on 14-01-2020 02:19

The fixes won't show up on server just yet.
I will make as many changes as possible before publishing
another version.
Perhaps with enough input a final.

Posted by HuNt3r on 19-01-2020 21:30

Love the Players name s for parts of the map....can we have a purple ver Wink

exos box etc

Posted by GameDrained on 19-01-2020 23:19

Exo's Box is full of slime right now and is so big you will fall out the bottom!

PLZ I need More suggestions!!!

Posted by dio525i on 20-01-2020 14:21

wait what are we talking about?

Posted by Crunch on 20-01-2020 16:15

That's what I would like to know. Game, what do you mean by this post?

Posted by Sgt Rock on 20-01-2020 22:28


Posted by GameDrained on 21-01-2020 01:25

it's a reply to Hunter:

exos box etc

for location names.
There is a 'Box' like area with slime in it in version of the map I am working on.

Posted by dio525i on 21-01-2020 08:01

GameDrained wrote:

it's a reply to Hunter:

exos box etc

for location names.
There is a 'Box' like area with slime in it in version of the map I am working on.

Posted by GameDrained on 22-01-2020 01:27

Why Purple Hunter?

And I still want more suggestions!

Posted by dio525i on 22-01-2020 14:35

might be something once you've got your version ironed out to do some colour versions with different flag placements or physics? that would be cool. like a orange version where there is only one flag in the center that requires 3 people to cap or a long single cap in the canal that you can only get when the water is high. Anyway...i like the version you have but that doing those things could validate making colour versions?