Thread subject: ODSClan :: Ban Appeal

Posted by Mr420 on 21-12-2019 19:17

So....i go to play in the server like I typically do just now with some of you and some of you were made aware of the situation that occurred between me and another admin because of my style of play (knife killing). So here is my appeal. I love playing with some of you guys in this community especially as of late. But I don't understand why I myself or anyone can't knife just because a certain individual doesn't like it? I don't see anywhere on the rules that forbids you to use a knife or shovel in the field of play. So can someone explain to me why I am now banned?

Posted by OldmanShovel on 21-12-2019 19:58

Yes the ban is based on you being disrespectful to any ODS members at anytime also respect as you are directed [ie do or don't, etc.] while on our server. If you don't like the rules or as directed ... too bad, its our server!

If you think for one minute that you as a pubby is going to come to our server and dictate what you want the way you want in any shape or form....your wrong!

NOTICE: Disrespectful Dickheads, Trolers, ect. not allowed!

PS The Oldmanshovel is alive and well! Fuck with my peeps and you can go to hell!

Merry Xmas

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Posted by Mr420 on 21-12-2019 20:03

I never disrespected an admin.

Posted by OldmanShovel on 21-12-2019 20:20

you have stated your claim ... i have given you my answer ... move along

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