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Posted by dio525i on 12-12-2019 14:19

Anyone else watch wraslin' from time to time? I hadn't for a long time until this new american promotion started this year (AEW).

Pretty entertaining stuff!

Posted by GameDrained on 14-12-2019 19:53

Not really but had a few drinks with Mad Dog Vachon in the early 80s.
One night was leaving my hotel room as my friend had gotten me to go down to the bar for a few drinks (or 20)
When I looked down the hall and spotted Mad Dog.
Having only seen him on t.v. when I was a kid I was shocked to see how short he was, and commented on it.
To which my friend harshly hushed me up with "SHhuuush, he can still kick the living shit out of you."
Don't remember how we ended up in Mad Dogs room....
Oh also with Mad Dog was a trapped from the area known for being tough and wild and having killed a bear with just his knife.
And who sorry to say I had had a bar fight with just a couple of months before this.
ok so we are in his room things are going well having good conversation. when I mention the fight me and the trapper had.
And how I was sorry and had never intended to fight him. how it was a series of unfortunate events.
How when I got up from the table behind him and my friends sister I wasn't trying to push him but had been tripped by some ass sitting along the over crowded bars wall.
Sounding a bit miffed the trapped says to this "You wouldn't have been getting the best of me if you hadn't been beating me over the head with your cast"
To which I said "That was an old soft cast and was hurting my healing bone way more than it hurt you."
"And besides I wouldn't even have been there if Bob here hadn't sent me over to watch over his sister saying you were giving her a hard time."
I trailed off there not able to finish explaining that I had realized that everything was fine and she seemed to like him.
Because I looked over past Mad Dog to see my friend's eyes like saucers shaking his head and mouthing Nokay!!. lol
So seeing Bob was now in fear for his life.
(odd Bob loved to fight, if he was depressed or had a head ache he would get into a bar fight saying it made him feel better.)
I changed the subject finished my drink and we continued down to the bar.
I know it anti-climaxed there but if it hadn't I might not be here telling you guys about it.

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Posted by Sgt Rock on 15-12-2019 13:31

Now THAT"S a great story!

Posted by Crunch on 15-12-2019 16:16

funny Game! Well we are glad you still among us!

Posted by dio525i on 17-12-2019 13:41