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Day of Defeat

About :ODS:-Clan

We provide a nice server for all DoD players. 

We don’t allow disrespect from anyone!  No Exploits, Scripts, Pistol rolling, Trollers nor any other wild shit!

The :ODS: (Old Dudes Server) est. 2008

I, Oldmanshovel have been playing the game forever! I was in the STFU clan for 10 plus years and had a blast with some cool peeps. I reached the point where I had offered services to help the clan out and wanted to add more (new) maps and such things but that didn’t go thru. I set up a server and showed them that I was capable to assist. It still didn’t go thru. Hence … The :ODS: began! Gathered some troops and its all good. Thanks to the loyal members of The :ODS:

Eyebee… He has set us up with the server which allows us to have the games server we are running. Thank you Eyebee!

We are mature clan that still has a little kid in us but we still have lot of fun. We are always looking for new members that can make our clan experience even better.

Potential Members based on: Not just skill but also personality, dedication, responsibility, and loyalty.

: ODS:-Server IP :ODS: – Old Dudes & Dolls Server | DOD v1.3 | FF | ODSCLAN.NET

Be sure to read and follow the rules!

:ODS:-Server Rules

Don’t Advertise For Any Other Server Or Website
No Exploits what so ever!
Follow Objectives
Don’t Map Glitch
No Pistol Rolling!
No Disrespect!
Enjoy your stay!

Our Admins Team

Our server does not allow any scripts, exploits, Trollers, Pistol rolling and any other crap! 
If caught the result is perm ban!


Server Owner


Clan Creator


Chief Admin

Sgt Rock

Admin Lvl 1


Admin Lvl 1

der maurer

Admin Lvl 1


Admin Lvl 1


Admin Lvl 1


Admin Lvl 1

Fire Dog

Admin Lvl 1


Admin Lvl 1


Admin Lvl 2

Clan Chowder

Admin Lvl 2


Admin Lvl 2


Admin Lvl 2

Dead Duck

Admin Lvl 2


Admin Lvl 2


Admin Lvl 2

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